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Air passage mould 2-1

Product Description

A car vent mold appearance, shape and related standards
1: The die size to meet customer requirements, meet customer-specific injection molding machine models.
2; customer nameplate production, (mold number, weight of the mold, die size, making the start time) to install rivets, location standard.
3; locating ring size meet the technical requirements, higher than the roof 10mm, sink must be installed on the fixed plate, not directly attached to the template, use two or more screws.
4; gate sets of spherical R standard, gate sets R> R molding machine
5; sprue bush and the channel surface polished to a 600 grit or more, to avoid corners.
6; mold the bottom right side of each template in the days of punch marked with the word mold number; template number A0, B0; out of the water mark IN, OUT; connecting pipe marking L; out of the oil labeled O IN, O OUT; all conform word standards. Mold looks bad word, arrow "UP" in accordance with customer requirements
7; car mold to the side vents installed to protect the bottom surface of the foot stand, no special circumstances can replace junk nails.
8; large mold (8 tons), the mold clamping need to open U-shaped groove or perforation, correspondence with machine fixed position.
9; mold surface may not have pits, rust, excess unused rings, out of the water, gas, and other effects, such as the appearance of hole defects.
10; each plate mold, holes, edges should be greater than 1.5mm chamfer. Except for special parts.
11; ensure that all rings can spin in the end, lifting balance.
12; ejector plate garbage nail down installation, the top of the board to do the trip positioning block, you can not use screws instead.
13; auto vent mold stays head area should reach 30% after the template area square legs, leg brace head higher than the mold 0.15mm, does not interfere with the top of the hole.
14; all die screws not chopped, slip teeth and other defects; M12 (including M12) above using screws (12.9). Screw length hanging mold material, more than 1.2 times the diameter of the screw.
15; screw flat underside spigot, screws can not be higher than the spigot, the bottom plane 1-2MM.
16; parts weighing more than 10KG hole should be done accordingly rings, rings pore size and location standard.
Two car vent mold water and oil system
  17; mold oil line connection standard, connecting pipe and fittings meet the standards
  18; auto vent mold the oil and water flow holes, no debris, in line drawings.
  19; molds have to use an external plug with thread plug, plug recessed flat 1-2MM, faucets models meet the standards or customer requirements, shall not be damaged.
  20; waterway reliable sealing, no leakage, seepage, etc., for easy access. Iron and other waterways may not be left in the cold water flow impact, test the water pressure at 10bar time in more than 30 minutes without leakage.
  21; auto vent mold days if the import and export side joints, in the days of the need to open the side diversion channel to prevent the water to die inside.
Three car vent mold forming part
  22; sub-surface remains flat, no dents, rust, no portable grinding wheel to avoid empty, sealed plastic part no dents, nicks.
  23; fixed mold and movable mold tendons bit column surface, no fire patterns, marks, polishing place.
  24; on the plug part of the structure of non-bladed, angle of more than 2 degrees, with no black marks from the thorn and other defects.
25; products of a number of cavities, the case of symmetrical parts, must be marked L or R, such as customer location and size have requests are subject to customer requirements, such as the customer is not required, and shall not affect the appearance of the place where the assembly (such as font size is "1/8").
26; for the same, similar, easy installation mixed parts have marked distinction.
27; large and medium-sized mold according to design requirements to increase the pressure in the mold surface weights and nitriding.
28; non-product side of the movable die insert fixed mold or fixed mold insert dynamic model, made of bevel lock or avoid empty.
29; die, mold and mold forming part of the material in line with the development of technical requirements.
30; mold products face carved characters customer requirements.
Four car vent mold top out reset
31; the top of the must smoothly without catching, no abnormal sound, thimble board is reset in the end.
32; thimble, the end face of the top sheet is below the surface of the core, no more than 0.1mm.
33; the top of the organization to interfere with the slider if there must be protection measures, the roof must be reset limit switch.
34; return spring and slider spring using standard parts and meet the design requirements, the ends are not polished, cut off; underside is flat spring hole, the hole diameter is larger than the spring 5mm.
35; thimble and shall return the pin head gasket embryos, welding, grinding; return Pins - not welding.
36; or beveled surface on standard D-type thimble should make anti-rotation positioning, Z-shaped pulling rod should be anti-rotation positioning.
37; top block four weeks should be 3-5 degrees slope, at the bottom of the chamfer should sink plunger top block, fixed and reliable.
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